Choosing a Hatha Yoga Class!

I am often contacted by people who are new to yoga and they will ask what style of yoga I teach, telling me that they are looking for a Hatha Yoga class. This is a confusing topic for many people, even experienced Yogis, as I think it’s fair to say there’s been a bit of an explosion of yoga classes and styles in recent years!

Please be aware that the following paragraph is a very simplistic and condensed description of a topic that people have devoted their lives to studying!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead – Have you made any resolutions?

I expect that the majority of New Year’s Resolutions will include being healthier, taking better care of ourselves, starting a keep fit regime etc.

Many people start practicing Yoga because of the physical benefits, but are then surprised when the reason they become hooked is more about the mental and emotional benefits they hadn’t expected.

Sun salutations with a chair

Here is a way to practice sun salutations in a way that’s non-weight bearing for the wrists and doesn’t involve getting up and down from the floor. (Please make sure that all four legs of the chair are on your yoga mat and that it won’t slip!)

First raise your arms overhead as you inhale, you could also raise your chin and look upwards if that’s comfortable.

Bend your knees and fold forward, taking your hands to the chair for support.