Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Class

Yoga and relaxation in Hailsham

New class starting 9th November
Thursdays 6.45pm – 7.45pm The Bodyworks Beauty Salon, Market Street
£7 per class, space is limited so please email me to confirm your place!

During my classes everyone is encouraged to become aware of how their bodies want to move, to work at their own pace and make the yoga pose conform to their body – not the other way around!

What to expect

We usually begin on the floor, getting gently warmed up, tuning into our breathing and how our bodies are feeling.

We do some movements (asanas) lying on our mats, some seated and then some standing. Those who find it uncomfortable to sit on the floor can use a chair. We normally move in and out of the posture as we breathe in and out; this can be particularly good for arthritis and to prevent injury.

Each class includes some breathing practice (pranayama) and the sessions end with a guided relaxation, please do bring warm socks/jumper/blanket so that you can be comfortable.

Please wear loose or stretchy, comfortable clothes (layers are a good idea), bring a blanket for relaxation at the end and a yoga mat if you have one.

Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Class
Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Class

When I went to my first yoga session with Laura I was very apprehensive but Laura soon put me at ease. I am overweight, asmatic and not very agile so was worried that I might not be able to participate in many of the moves. Laura took time to show me how moves could be adapted to my ability.


Jennifer Robinson


It’s a great place to be on Monday mornings. I would recommend anyone thinking of joining this group to come along and see for yourselves. Laura is very professional and with take a lot of time and care to teach you the correct way to practice yoga.


Ann Miles


Laura’s class is relaxed, friendly and welcoming. We are all different ages, levels of fitness and flexibility but the exercises can be adapted to suit everyone. You don’t need to be fit or lycra clad, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got creaky joints or you can’t touch your toes, it doesn’t matter what the person next to you is doing. If you can stand on two feet you can benefit from taking Laura’s class.


Paula Penny


Never having tried yoga before Laura’s class is great for me. She is inspiring alongside being helpful and aware of any physical difficulties we might have. A friendly class.


Carol Phelps