Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead – Have you made any resolutions?

I expect that the majority of New Year’s Resolutions will include being healthier, taking better care of ourselves, starting a keep fit regime etc.

Many people start practicing Yoga because of the physical benefits, but are then surprised when the reason they become hooked is more about the mental and emotional benefits they hadn’t expected.

Yoga has certainly transformed my life – little did I know that I would end up teaching classes when I first went along to my local class – I remember hiding at the very back of the hall hoping no one would notice me! I can also remember unexpected moments during these early days (particularly after hip opening movements, linked to emotional release) when tears suddenly began streaming down my face, and those beautiful moments during relaxation (savasana) at the end of class when I’d never felt so calm, clear, and still. I’ll always be grateful to that teacher – Penelope Coomber – for allowing a safe place for us nervous beginners to find our own practice.

I truly hope that if you’re considering taking up yoga this year that you find a class that you feel comfortable in and begin to experience all the wide ranging benefits a regular yoga practice can offer.

I’m personally very excited for 2016 – I have a new website (produced by my very talented husband). We have been at St Richard’s CofE Church Hall in Langney for a few months now and it’s a lovely hall; so peaceful. I’m looking forward to taking the class outside when the weather is warmer.

I hope to see you soon; either at my gentle Monday morning class in Langney, Eastbourne, or at my new core strength class which will be in the evenings – details yet to be confirmed.

Much love and warm wishes,


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